Johnny Five Community Project



I brought this up under Jeremie's thread originally; I think it would be neat to do a community J5 project.

I'm interested in building a smaller scale (1-2ft tall) J5 themed robot with as much function and appearance as possible. I'm not focused on a 100% screen accurate version as a must have goal. In other words, I have the mind set that more than likely there will need to be some trades offs to have a functional robot along with the J5 appearance. I'd also like to use as many off the shelf EZ-Robot parts for the J5 as possible (EZBv4, camera, servos, ez-bits, neo-pixels when those comes out, etc).

I also have a slightly less interest in a full size J5 replica build. I already have a J5 head started from 2 years ago, but I'm not sure I'll complete more than the head at full size.

I'll probably build an "EZ-J5" even if no one else is interested, but I think it could be a fun community project if others are willing to help and are interested. Part of the benefit of a community project is not only better ideas through collaborations, but openness of design and split up of 3D parts that hopefully everyone would help produce.

If successful in making our own J5 and if we have a community of parts makers then we could follow the model of R2D2 or B9 builder clubs to produce and sell part runs which when combined would equal a complete kit.


Is anyone else interested in this as a community project?

If so, are you interested in an EZ-J5 (1-2ft tall) replica? Or only a full size replica? Or both?

Are you interested in helping? And how do you think you could contribute?

A project like this will need:
People with 3D printers to produce part runs
People willing to help create or edit 3D files
People to help create an EZ-J5 EZ-Builder file to control the robot (like with sound files to give the robot a personality)


Oops didn't see this thread! I am definitely interested and can 3D print some parts for testing.


Did you get a chance to see my Ohio J5 style robot for inspiratio?


Yes I did, it looks fantastic. Having built your own J5 style robot @rb550f what advice would you have for other? Any tips or gotchas surprising things you learning or things you might try differently if were to build him again?