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Yes sounds like we are all in similar situation with the bots, not that popular with my other friends that think of me as sort of a crazy cat person except I have robot parts all over the basement instead of cats! Then when I show off the EZB inside and demonstrate all the abilities of what it can do, the friends are just shocked and then consider me more like a mad scientist,LoL! I then explain it is the magic of that little EZ cube, not me! Still I'm glad you guys are here in the forum as we understand each other much better,Cheers all. Winky


Right on @Roborad, you nailed my experience as well, LOL. I'm thankful for the EZ-Robot products and community forum and all the members here.

And like Jeremie I can loose my focus to at 80%, but seeing other members continuing to improve their projects and keep advancing them encourages me to keep going rather than start all over.

I am going to you seek your advice @Jeremie in the coming days on a power mod for my "Data" robot.

I'm also been thinking about a community based "EZ-J5" robot. The goal would be to create a J5 "like" or themed robot with a majority of existing EZ-robot parts and "communitize" the design and production of any custom parts. Thoughts?


Hi Justin!

Ask away! By the way I think a EZ-J5 would be awesome as a community project, just like the R2D2 or B9 builder's clubs. Are you thinking full size or little guy?

Did you see this?


@Jeremie, I did see Wright Robotics full size build, I love it. My idea was for a little guy so more EZ-Bits could be used. And make an "a la carte" sort of project/design of pieces, to make mix and match options, so if you just wanted a "EZ-J5" head on one of your existing ez-robots you could just clip it on.

I had started a full size J5 build and got the head 70% finished, but I have not touched it in over a year.


Right on @JustinRatliff

An EZ-J5 out of EZ-Robot parts is an amazing idea! I'm thinking that with a few mods the Roli Motors and treads could even be used Smile You thinking the same thing?


I think Roli would. I think Adventure bot could make a good base too to carry the upper EZ-J5. I'd love to fit a camera and eyebrow servos in a head, but I'm waiting on the NeoPixel Bits to arrive to try those out to light up the eyes.

I have my power questions ready @Jeremie, if you don't mind? My robot Data uses a JD torso with HDD servos and custom arms with HDD servos and I have lengthen the body with an extension and removed the legs and feet and added a servo wheel driven base.

Everything runs from the 1300mAh battery in the JD torso, but I want a longer runtime. I don't want a 12 volt system and I don't want just a bigger battery in the JD torso, I want something I can swap batteries in and out.

My solution was to take the battery out of the torso and extend the cable to a lower part of my robot and add a 7.4 8000mAh lipo and to keep everything "plug'n play" I purchased a series of cables and connectors from Amazon instead of cutting and splicing cables. That way I can restore the JD torso to factory like with battery inside. And I can also swap batteries easily with this setup.

Female Deans to 4mm banana jacks
(I cut the pig tail charger cable off this because I did not need it.)
Female/Female 4mm banana sockets
(I had to cover these in electrical tape to insulate them.)
Male/Female 4mm banana 2ft cables
Male Deans to 4mm banana jacks
User-inserted image
The cable does come out the charging cable opening.

Would you do anything differently? Do you see any potential problems with this setup?


Hi @JustinRatliff

Nope, I don't see any issues, everything looks isolated and still fuse protected (inside JD). I may have used heat shrink instead of electrical tape but both work for isolation, heat shrink is just a little better from a purely cosmetic stand point. I may have purchased a Deans extension cable or soldered one up with plugs and wire from a hobby shop but it all depends on the length you needed and if you had access to a soldering iron (and the know how to use it).


Ahh, yes, that would be a lot cheaper and it is actually want I wanted to start with, but I could not find a cable with the male and female deans. I should have asked first! Smile

Good tip on the heat shrink, I'm going to check to see if have some that size. Thank you!


@Jermie, the heat shrink is much better. I'm loving my new cable setup now with the ability to swap out batteries. Now that I have my cable, I'm wondering about a switcher where I could have multiple 7.4 lipos plugged in and switch them on and off or leave them all switched on.

For example say I had (4) 8000mAh 7.4 lipos and all were wired into distribution panel. At each battery I could switch them on or off. If they were "on" they would be connected in parallel so if all (4) were "on" that would create 32000mAh 7.4 lipo.

My first question is does that sound dumb or dangerous?

I'd like to have a bank of 4 of these batteries in a distribution panel and have the 1st "on" powering the robot and the other 3 "off", then when the robot detects a "low battery", I could manually switch "on" the second battery, wait a few second, then switch off the 1st battery (then remove it and charge it if I want) but the robot would never lose power or connectivity as long as I kept switching the battery packs "on".

If the manual method worked the next step would be to automated it.


Hey @JustinRatliff that doesn't sound dumb or dangerous as many systems out there in the wild depend on parallel batteries. You would need a manifold of sorts with 4 x high current (8A) independent switches. I feel like it would be best to use a custom PCB or PCB prototyping board to make this kind of thing. Although you could make it with wires as well, it would just require a bunch of soldering. And yeah, you are absolutely correct that you would need to make sure you are not charging the batteries while they are actively connected in parallel. Turning the switch off, then charging, would be fine.