How To View Plugin C# Source Code?


Just wondering how to view plugin C# source code for learning purposes.
I went to the software tab and selected plugins but don't see anything about viewing source code. Any help is much appreciated....Rick Smile


I found the more "more information section" of the plugin tutorial and it mentions that DJ publishes his plugins open source and that you can download the code by clicking on the link. it also mentions access to a plugin template that can be accessed by another link. When I click these links it states that page is not accessible. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.....Rick Smile


What links aren't working for you? Please provide details, thanks!



In the plugin Tutorial section under "More Information" there is a section about "Additional Open-Source Code Examples" It states:

Additional open-source code examples can be found by some developers. DJ Sures publishes his plugins open-source and they can be found by clicking here. A plugin template project can also be downloaded by clicking here.

When I click on the "clicking here" links it says that it is unable to open these pages. Any clarification and help on this is much appreciated.

The best way to learn is to study example plugin examples. The plugin tutorial is very good but also very basic as it should be. Thanks much.....Rick Smile


Links fixed



Thanks much ! Smile