Inmoov Eye Mod For The Ez-b V4 Camera


Here is a quick mod I made up to fit the EZ-B Camera into the inmoov left eye.
Just print it out and the camera slips in easily.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Thanks. I am just installing mine. I have a design where the cable exits the side. I wonder which provides the best clearance for the cable.


I would like to see it. Post it here and I'll try it out.


looks good, thanks for sharing


Here is the version I was working on. hopefully I can see what it looks like in the head this weekend. If it works I will update my Inmoov thread


Will the PCB sit upright or have you rotated it 90 degrees? I put mine upright so won't have to figure out how to rotate the screen.


Rotated 90 deg. It's just a simple check box in the camera control so not much to figure out there.
I put some double sided tape in it and stuck the heat sink to that. The design should probably have a ventilation hole like yours.


Here's my setup. I find that the cable bends pretty easy in this orientation.

User-inserted image


Yes it looks good. I didn't have an issue with the cable in my version either. The camera lens centred nicely too.

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Great. Looks like there are a few opportunities out there now.