When setting up an Auto Position Frame, how do I select which EZB Controller?



The settings button on the front box.


So in a single frame, I can not change positions of servos on both EZB0 and EZB1.
Rats, I will need to rethink my entire InMoov wiring.
I currently have the right side of my InMoov on one EZB0 and the left on EZB1.

Thank you for the post Greg.

@DJ - Possible addition for a future release.


I don't think so. I am also doing a inmoov. Are you thinking 2 /4s?


I use a separate autopositioner for every ezb4 board I am using... This is how I manage this in my inMoov... I have 3 autopostioner controls. One for the main ezb4 and the other two for each of the 2 ioTinys I am using..


Did you use a iotiny for each arm and the /4 for the body? I have not decided on how to do power yet. Are you having any brownouts?


@Greg C Yes, I have an ioTiny in each arm and an exb4 for the rest... I do not have brown out issues due to my power setup... The main body servos run off of their own power connection. And I either use a 6v 50amp power supply or 2 6v SLA batteries depending on if he needs to be mobile or not...


Yes, I am using 1- EZB4/2 and 1 - EZB4 (ports 11 - 23 don't work for some reason)
So I have reconfigured so both arms, the eyes and the jaw are on the EZB4/2 and the rest on the first 12 ports of the EZB4.

One Auto Positioner for each board, that is my new plan also. Would be nice if we could use a $Variable in the Auto Positioner in place of the port number. I am trying to write my project so anyone with an InMoov could use it just by changing the configuration script.

Thanks all for your input.




Would be nice if we could use a $Variable in the Auto Positioner in place of the port number.

Not really advocating this because I think it could end up with some herky-jerky movement, but you could build the autoposition to use all virtual ports (v1-v255) and then have a constantly running script or relative servo objects that make the real servos follow the position of the virtual servos.



That is creative Alan, I will do some playing around with that.
I think I am going to need a more powerful PC.