Tuttorial About Talk Servo For Leds



is there a window for talk servo with led?insteadt of inmoove mouth opens,
while talking,but with a led then.


hi thanks merne
sorry late respons.


what does this mean.dont find it.
error line 14

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thank you for the link, never saw that tutorial until now. Smile


It means you have not added a $SoundValue in the Sound Servo. in rich's example he has soundvaule you should have $SoundValue in the variable name in the Sound Servo config.

Change it to $SoundValue

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@NEWAGETOMY , You welcome

Nether have I until Nomad asked, I never had a need before. Grin


hi merne&tomy

ah so simpel and i did not see it.thank you.


so the led works when i speak into a headset mic.i can see jd mouthled lid up.
but thats not the effect am looking for.am looking for the led to lid up when jd speaks .