3d Printed Six Robot - Servos Going On Fire


Hello All,

I have been building my own Six robot though when he is standing up or moving on the ground, his servos go on fire. Though when his legs are in the air they are fine.

Any help is much appreciated.



Hello @ohdj4

Which servos are you using? Third party servos? Are they metal gear?


I am using third party servos. I am using MG996R Servos. I figured they woul work because with your older versions of robots you guys were using MG995 Servos. Is this perhaps a power problem?



A reply from Richard R answered your question awhile ago on this post of yours from 3 months ago-

Your putting 7.4v through a servo that can only handle up to 6.0v...it may have a peak torque of up to 7.2v, but yeah best you regulate them or get servos rated for 7.4v. Winky
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I would invest in ez-robots new HDD servos, very strong and made to handle 7.4v.


@ohdj4 It's not a power problem... The MG995 and MG996 were originally made by TowerPro... However they are pretty much all garbage now. There are so many Chinese copies (and even copies of copies) of them out there the quality now is just abysmal... Do yourself a favour and toss them in the bin and buy the new EZ Robot HDD servos...



it has to be a power problem, for when the servos are in the air, they don't catch fire. but when standing or moving they catch fire.

Their rated to 6v...so pretty sure power has something to do with it...

Ive used low quality servos before, never had them catch fire.
Too much power+heat=magic smoke.

Combination of bad quality and power.


... It's poor quality of the control board (mosfet)... I used them in my original inMoov @6v. Out of the 12 original 996R servos in his arms 3 went up in smoke at 6V...

See here... This one (copy?) is rated for 7.2V... There are tons more (copies) all over eBay...
TowerPro MG996R


Thank you both Richard R and Newagetomy. So basically I need to buy EZ-Robot HDD Servos right?


Yes, if you want guaranteed quality servos...



the Inmoov arms would weigh a bit wouldn't they?

But yes it seems with servos you get what you pay for. Winky

Thought i saw them rated for 7.2v also, but even then 7.4v would be too much for it.