Yet Another Wall-e


So I built my Wall-E months ago after receving it the day after I finished Metal Box-Bot, but I haven't got around to uploading my project until now.

While I was happy to receive what I thought was the U-Command Wall-E, mine seems to be a different model as it's much smaller than many I see on the forum including DJ's "Real Wall-E". I figured "oh well. Nothing I can do about it now".

While I did run into a few snags with the size I was able to build what I think is a pretty successful Wall-E. Especially since I had to meet my wife's deal of:

"I'll get you an EZ-Robot kit for your birthday ONLY if the first bot you build is a Wall-E. He's cute!".

So here he is:

User-inserted image
Destruction begins!

User-inserted image
Who need's cheap plastic gears? Not this guy! But I'll hold onto them in case Smile

User-inserted image
Careful cutting. Gotta make those continuous servos fit and hide.

User-inserted image
That should do it. Just enough left to hide the servos from the front.

User-inserted image
Servos in place.

User-inserted image
Servo attached to the drive wheel. I hope it's centred!

User-inserted image
Eye looks a little too small, but I'm determined to make it fit!

User-inserted image
Crooked, but it will have to do. Can anyone spot the mistake in this picture? Yup! The camera is upside down. I dind't notice of course until he was nearly put back together. Thankfully that wasn't hard to fix!

User-inserted image
Webcam eye is now installed. Right side up that is... Oi.

User-inserted image
Cut out the arms to fit the servos.

User-inserted image
Install the head servo. thankfully with screws. I try to use screws where possible. Screws > Glue

User-inserted image
Arm servos installed using screws as well. Body assembled and battery pack tucked inside. Unfortunately some disassembly is required to replace batteries, but I'm okay with that. I'm just glad is fit into that little chasis!

User-inserted image
A closeup of the snug fit inside. No room for the EZ-B, but I was able to attach it to the bak using a single pre-installed screw and hole. It swivels nicely in order to tuck all the wires inside.

User-inserted image
And there we have it! His arm fell off just prior to this picture and I realize now that I don't have anything showing the attachment of the arms but it's exactly the same as DJ's Wall-E.

I will post a couple more pictures showing the profile of Wall-E all together when I get a chance.

So everything was able to fit. I have horizontal rotation for the head, but no vertical. If I do decide to install vertical, I will need to use a mini servo. I just don't know how much room I'll have with that tiny head.

Also I do have one problem. The left track is WAY stiffer than the right. So the rubber doesn't roll around the wheels properly. Up until HiFive was released, my Wall-E had a severe circle walking problem. With servo speed control I was able to slow down the right track, but man is he slow now. It's really too bad as he turned out really nice otherwise.

I'll post in the general discussion to see if anyone has any spare tracks for my size Wall-E. I have a couple pics of his measurements I'll upload if I have a chance.

So all in all THANK YOU DJ for this great experience. Once I have my Wall-E and his personality perfected, I plan to move onto bigger and better. And thank you to the community for the helpful hints and tricks.





Very nice. So since this one isn't the U-Command could you tell us the actual dimensions of him. I think my son may have the same one. If so, I would know that when he is "done" with it I could steal it and do the upgrade like yours.



@LJ - you be bad





If you check out my thread in the general discussions asking anyone for a spare Wall-E Track you can see a couple measurements.

Let me know if you want some more in depth measurements and I'll get them to you. It was unfortunate as the seller advertised as a U-Command, but I honestly don't think he knew. Ah well not worth arguing over. I was still happy to get my wall-e!!

Just wish his track wasn't messed up!


Actually they did. Link me to.your auction. I bet you got the same seller I got mine from. They.figured out demand for u command walle and were selling lesser.models in replace.



Looks like your is bigger than my son's.

As for the messed up track, try soaking it in new power steering fluid. Power steering fluid is engineered to prolong the life and elasticity of rubber. Some restorers claim it can rejuvenate any kind of rubber.

Good luck!


Hey sorry for the late reply.

@ jstarne1
The item number is: 280824992291
To be honest, I was just happy that he was willing to ship to Canada even though his post said "Only USA". It was worth asking because he cancelled the auction, reopened it available to CA and I was able to "buy it now" at the exact same price. Maybe he was scamming me, but maybe not. No hard feelings form me. I got my Wall-E. Life's too short to waste it being angry Winky

That sucks if yours is even smaller. I mean it can probably be done, but will be tough.

Thanks for the tip for the track! I will definitely try to pick some up today while I pick up parts for my DIY sprinkler system.

You know I was considering incorporating EZ-B to control my sprinkler system, but that's for another season lol I just need to get this done this spring ASAP.


I have bought two U commands and both are different.
The small wheel on the base is on the back on the model I did my Wall.e with and in the middle on the one that is waiting to be done.
On the small interactive one (which looks like the one you have) the remote was a dinky little thing, forward backward speak and two other buttons. The U command one has a dump load of buttons that fail to impress Frown

I must say, when you slap an EZ-B up Wall.e's bum he never fails to entertain!