Shoulders Falling Off


After extended project over seas I have returned and dusted of JD. and am trying again to get this expensive bad purchase to function.
The shoulders are still falling of JD after a slight movement,I note from the new Builder you are NOW saying screw the shoulders on to the body however there were no screws in the box. What are the sizes of these screws so that I may purchase?, for one final try at getting this thing to work before taking him out and using him for target practice.
We have in the meantime purchased another brand of robot for my sons birthday and it is working extremely well.
Its a pity you didnt spend as much time on the problems as on the various ways to avoid answering questions, are you sure your not politicians?


Yikes! We'll need some additional information. What part is falling off? Can you provide a photo or describe the place where jd's arm is falling off? Thanks!


HI jimmythe1

whits robot did you always curious after new models of robots.


ez jd humanoid


We have in the meantime purchased another brand of robot for my sons birthday

i mean this one,


Sounds like the screws aren't long enough to bite into the servo and hold?


have never heard of this before, so your saying the screws for the servos were never in the box?

if you used other type of screws, maybe their a little too short and simply not gripping.

Looking forward to a pic.

Your question at the end is a little harsh? You joined a few months ago and this is your first thread, so rest assured everyone will help you regardless of the politician comment. Winky


Thank you for your reply, however this may be my first thread, but I have requested help from EZ Robot several times before. I had not realised I was broadcasting to the wide web! It was assumed that the query was going to the makers of the robot. But as I have pointed out before the web site is bloated and confusing. Such as this
I dont have a clue to whom I am replying
1/ Why do you think I was requesting the size of the missing screws?
2/ After seeing JD on Youtube, unbeknown to me, my young son was running around doing odd jobs and saving to purchase the robot. When I did find out I purchased JD for his birthday. It broke the first time it was used. I was sent two spare shoulders.
3/ After all the excitement and then the horrible let down I think I am entitled to a sarcastic remark.
4/ It seems to be the thing that new products are put on the web and customers have to come up with solutions to why they do not work correctly and people put up with this attitude.
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where were you sending your requests to?

Were you sending emails to support?

Trust me there is no attitude here amigo, only people willing to help you.

Did you send an email to support?


I understand the original shoulder brackets had been damaged and replacement parts were sent. When the original brackets were removed, you may have accidentally misplaced the screws. It seems now you will require replacement screws. If you have a hardware store, we can give you the exact dimensions of the required screws - however, the exact dimensions must be used. Forcing screws with a similar thread will result in permanent damage of the servos.

If you choose to not obtain the screws in your own, we can send you replacement screws.

Let me know what you prefer to do.

ps, do you have a photo of the original damaged shoulder brackets? I would like to see how they were damaged to better understand the situation.



Thank you .
There were no shoulder bracket screws at all. Which why I mentioned in an earlier message to you , quote : I have even tried screwing them on:, there is no mention of screwing them on in the original instructions as far as I can recall.
So if this is the problem please send me the specs of these screws and I will attempt to obtain them somewhere in Spain.
The original problem arose when after first assembling JD and connecting the wifi he went into a spasm and his left arm went to his back. So not knowing what to expect we sent a signal for him to stand and that is when the bracket snapped and the arm assembly came off.
The attached photo is not original but a Photoshopped representation
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