Release 2017.07.06.00



- script flow fixed when plugins are added to project

- do not allow skipping of missing ez-bits when project loads

- multi color camera tracking has an optional histogram equalization filter

- New custom color filter type for YCbCr

- added camera tracking YCbCr to Blockly

- highlight servo position when 0 or lower - this is for specific cases of auto position where 0 is release and -1 is skip

- glyph has a variable of detected glyph number.

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Awesome work DJ, as always.
I am not up to speed on the 0 - release and -1 - skip.
Can you elaborate on this or do I need to go back and re-read a tutorial?


@rz90208 in the auto positioner servo positions set to 0 will be released and servo positions set to -1 will be ignored when the auto-positioner is running...


Thank you Richard, I will have to play around with that to see how I can use it in my scripting.
I will be using the Auto-Positioner a lot more when my InMoov is complete.


There's more expanded information on those values in the auto position manual page here:

You can access that page any time by pressing the question mark next to the close X on the auto position control