i just blew my glue gun up,it happen when i put a new diff color stick in.
has anyone had this issue before?


Nothing lasts 4 ever...


wel it was about 8 months old.now i bouth two guns.hehe


Crazy! I think I've had one burn out. I think, but can't recall. I know my first glue gun ever, that's used in the original k-9 robot build video is still in my procession!


Color sticks? They make color hot glue now?


Oh yes - and with glitter, if your robot is the life of the party: http://www.michaels.com/mini-glitter-glue-sticks-by-artminds/10228079.html

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Never knew they had colored hot glue sticks, but glitter sticks...?



colored sticks are more licuide then transparent one.


There are different types of glue guns. If you afraid to break your hot glue gun. You can buy chip one to use with colored sticks.
There are good pick up on this blog
Glue gun
Or its link to cheapest one - AdTech High Temp Glue Gun