i just blew my glue gun up,it happen when i put a new diff color stick in.
has anyone had this issue before?


Nothing lasts 4 ever...


wel it was about 8 months old.now i bouth two guns.hehe


Crazy! I think I've had one burn out. I think, but can't recall. I know my first glue gun ever, that's used in the original k-9 robot build video is still in my procession!


Color sticks? They make color hot glue now?


Oh yes - and with glitter, if your robot is the life of the party: http://www.michaels.com/mini-glitter-glue-sticks-by-artminds/10228079.html

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Never knew they had colored hot glue sticks, but glitter sticks...?



colored sticks are more licuide then transparent one.