I Taught Jd To Serve Snacks


Did you know I'm a huge fan of M&Ms? Only the peanut butter kind! There's an event tomorrow at google (BotLuck), and my JD will be serving snacks.

Download the app here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/EZCloud/RobotAppDetails.aspx?id=4892


That's awesome, love the way he swirls the M&M's around in the bowl before he scoops them up.

Feel like eating them now. Smile

BotLuck sounds interesting?


You could use Roli too... Have JD load up his cargo bay and then have Roli drive to the end of the counter to serve the m&m's... He can then drive back to get more later... Co-operative robots... Smile



Good luck with the Potluck event !

I hope no damage goods (food) Smile


Very nice

Can he still walk on those short legs?



Not at all. He's taped to the ground because scooping would have him fall over. Imagine if you had to hold a scoop that size in relation to your body haha


Wow, I picked up on the one long arm, but missed the short legs!


I used the two extra servos from his legs to extend both arms


Look out Inmoov Bartender, here comes JD Server. Now if we can get Six to cook!


Great Frown Now I have a huge craving for M&M's and Skittles lol

Nice work @DJ, love the idea. JD will be an even bigger hit at parties now!