Ez Builder Library Tag?


All at EZ Robots,

Over the last few months a CONSIDERABLE amount of new and improved Plug Ins, added features, updates, changes, etc. have been made to EZ Builder.

Is there a chance this type of information could have it's own tag ?

I often want to look up information which may have been updated a number of times and months ago, and have to search with great effort to find it. Using a tag on this information would narrow my search. ( an example is Navigation, Dynamic Turning. )

I am not asking for specific tags for each subject, just "info update", or "library update" or "updates" or something like that.

Just a thought.


1) EZ-Builder updates is RELEASE NOTES tag

2) plugin updates can be viewed with pluginS tag

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Does anyone even use the conversation tags?


I never use them.


They are handy to find specific updates. Like tutorials or stuff that's been missed. I use them sometimes


I've now looked at them closer. I see how they can help. I'll be using them more often now. Grin


OK , the answer is No. Thanks.


What do you mean by that? The answer is totally yes. The tags filter by the topic. So if you want to only see EZ-Builder release updates, press the release updates tag. If you only want to see plugin updates, press the plugin tag. If you only want to see tutorial updates, press the tutorial tag. Etc etc Smile


Dj, The tags are fantastic. I do use them.I was asking if there is a way to target key posts. I may search a specific subject and get 10 to 20 hits with 30 to 40 each. That is where the no came from.

What you have done with EZ Builder is unbelievable. There is soo much that can be done with it, it is hard to keep up with all the features. I thank you for what you do.


Maybe the full release note view is what you're looking for? Take a look at this: http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/Release-Notes-All.aspx

It's accessed by pressing the Release Notes button on the EZ-Builder software download page.

You can use the browsers CTRL-F to find what you're looking for on the page. Does that help?