Can Pandorabot Be Upgraded To Aiml 2.0?


Use the previous service - it's great! This forum thread explains more. Have fun!


I am using the original services and it is OK. A bit of a downgrade to ProgramAB but it is workable. This thread describes why the upgrade isn't really possible.
I am also trying API.AI or Dialogflow now as it is called. It is a little harder to understand and I just need to spend the time looking at it.

So to start, try using the Pandorabot 1.0 and see what you can get from it. Then move on to the more complex plugins.


Hi DJ and Perry
Thanks for you quick response, really appreciated.
I will try the older Pandorabot as suggested.
I have also just started with the API.AI service and its working in EZ software with its plugin, so far so good.
Just now looking at the SIMLBot software as well. That looks very similar to the upgraded Pandorabot.
Thats my weekend sorted then, thanks again, enjoy yours


There's a plugin someone made that uses the newest siml. Forget what it's called - but worth looking into! And I believe it might be standalone which doesn't require an internet connection. Here it is:


Hi Everyone

I'am the "Someone" who made the plugin that use the SIMLBot software.

As I have continued to add some features to this plugin , I will upgrade it in the next few days ( just some work to update the tutorial.



*blush* Apologies Jean-luc - I was on my phone and couldn't find the original post where you introduced the plugin to get your name. Thanks again!