Can Pandorabot Be Upgraded To Aiml 2.0?


The more AI the better!
I look forward to good news! Smile



SynBot Studio seems very easy to use. Looking forward to the plugin.
Any idea when it will be available?


In less than 2 weeks before my holidays

I just spend more time in deeper testing and tutorial

Be patient

Jean Luc


Great to hear Jean Luc. I look forward to seeing it.

My original question still stands though about the panorabot plugin being upgraded to AIML 2.0. IS there any intent to do this? Would be really nice.


Maybe i'm wrong.

PandoraBots has two different models:

1) Playground
Registration requires a "Social account": Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo.
Once you connect your social account will share details with PandoraBots
no API

2) Alaas = Artificial Intelligence as a Service
Requires a Subscription Plan starting at $9 per month
API is available.


1 - User Key

In order to connect to the Pandorabots API, you have to register for a plan and await approval from an administrator. Once your account and plan have been approved, you can retrieve your user_key. This is required for all API calls, and should be kept secret.


You can still access the old site and use the old services at

EZ-Builder control is using the old pandorabots free site.

Asking for new version means changing from PandoraBots free to a paid version ?

Are my findings correct ?


Good find PTP! How did we miss this?


I see, that's the problem then. Probably not the best to integrate the pay services. Looks like I'll have to wait for something better.


V0 version of my plugin is online with Linked tutorial just some hours before starting my holidays

I hope you test it and give me your feed-back



Woo - that's exciting! Can't wait to try it Grin


Hi Everyone,

Just found this discussion [bit late I know] but am also currently looking at the latest Pandorabot, and see that its a chargeable service, and don't want to try the older version that the site says dates back to 2105. Plus looking at Google API.AI

Whats the latest ideas for the best service to use for the InMoov?

Thanks Lorn