Altair Robots In Servo Magazine


Thats an awesome front cover!

Love the title also, well done Tony, will you be framing yourself a copy? Smile


Congrats on making it on the cover of Servo yet again Tony!


Wow, the front cover. Very impressive. However, I'm not surprised. You deserve it. Brilliant work. Everyone should know about you and your work!


Wow great cover! Congrats again!


Congratulations Tony, that's great news you must be very proud of your fantastic work you have created.
I too love the title.



I just read the article. Great job Tony!


I also just read the article, well written explanation of your accomplishments.
Steve S


My friend Camp Peavy also wrote the RoboGames article that is in the same magazine. He was super excited to see your robot on the cover. I told a brief story about your robot during a demo at an event last night.

Here is camp and myself last night before the event.

User-inserted image


no luck with my local Barnes and Noble, suggestions to get the print version ?

Did you visit the HBRC ?


ptp, i go to HBRC quite often. I'll be doing a demo/talk there this summer. Next week is the HBRC BotLuck, which is a potluck dinner - and closing of the year. It'll be pretty fun! I'm trying to think of a robot related food - ideas?