A Possible Feature Enhancement


@ptp... It works great... Thanks again for this... Smile


Great job !



New version released.



The only thing that I can see that would be nice is if there were a way to see a list of everything that is locked or hidden. Not necessary, just a nice to have.



The script manager seems to be an all or nothing thing.

I added support for GridView cells, bear in mind uses the Cell's Row,Col Index.
The DataGridView cells are not real controls, to implement the same disable effect it's too much work plus is not a clean job. So the restriction is implemented by intercepting the click event and ignoring or rejecting a cell edit event for the Textbox cell.


Is there any way to make the "Okay" type buttons the default button

Added. It was very annoying.


Another thing that I don't know if it happen exactly this way or not, but here is the sequence that I believe that I did.

Fixed, it was a change password bug.



I just tested out the changes. They work great! Thanks for the plugin and also these additions. You have outdone yourself!