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How Do I Set Servo Limits

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How can I set the limits for a set of servos prior to the rest of the system initializing?
While using the autoposition window it initializes with the servos set to 90 deg. That breaks some servos for me. So I created a frame called 'rest' which I try to set first. Even then, I can move the servos beyond their limits in the autoposition window which breaks servos.

So as an example, I have a jaw servo that can only move between 110 and 160 degrees. When I drag the arrow in the box to move the servo I do want it to be able to move beyond the 110, 160 thresholds.


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I could not find the answer in these links


In your init script...




Thanks Richard, I appreciate your response. I am a bit of a noob and do not know how to set up and call an initialization script.


You can either just use a basic script called init or whatever you want to name it and run it before anything else (first thing after connection to the ezb4)... Or sometimes what I do just is put it in the Connection control as a script to run when the ezb4 connects to ez builder


Thanks Richard I spent some time and I understand how to create the script you mentioned. I tried it and it works. I have it linked to the EZ connect and figured out how to turn off that 'my battery is low' droning voice because I don't use LiPo's at the same time.

Thanks for the help