Release 2017.05.28.00



- AutoPosition Movement Movement Panel Control now supports speed for directions (forward, left, right, reverse). The speed is a modifier for Delay and Steps. The modifier can be found in the frame list associated with an action. Edit the frame within a movement action and the modifier is viewable. The modifier values have question marks for assistance

- JD and Six projects contain movement frames supporting speed (forward, left, right, reverse)

- JD project has joystick in mobile interface which supports speed

- RoboScratch ACTION block has "forever" option, which runs the action in the background

- RoboScratch forward/left/right/reverse have speed values when auto position Movement Panel is used

- Cheat Sheet displays CloseControl() with ShowControl() options

- Mobile Interface Editor has a new object titled "Back Button". Which essentially is a CloseControl(). If a back button is added to a mobile UI, the automatic transparent back button is not displayed. I.E. adding this object to a mobile interface overrides the automatic back button

*note: If you receive an error during upgrade, uninstall EZ-Builder, reboot and install this update.

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The install package is broken, no EZ-Builder.exe.


I had to rerun the install and tell it to repair. Everything worked after that.


I'm having the same problem... I get an app called EZ-B Emulator instead of the EZ-B Builder app
User-inserted image

When I tried to repair, I got this error
User-inserted image

Did you uninstall and re-install?



You may have to uninstall before installing. There's new files and a few changes to the application, so maybe the windows installer program isn't handling the changes well. That'll happen with Microsoft products sometimes Smile


The uninstall and then install work for me... Thanks

Just for interest, here is the Windows 10 version I'm running
User-inserted image