Ez Builder Stops Working


i did averthing like in the video.but i get an error,dont know what it is.
need help.what does this mean?

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The only suggestion that I have is to try it again and but reduce the camera resolution to see if it works for you. Someone at EZ-Robot may have to look to see what the error was if it was logged.


i have a look

thanks david


nope same thing.also the download is only for 1 month


Yea, but microsoft announced that they have increased the number of uses per month that are free for a lot of their cloud type services. It will keep working after the month is over, it is just that if you use it more than x times a day you will start to be charged. I dont remember off the top of my head how many uses that is. The same goes for the speech recognition cloud services and others. I will login and see if I can figure out how many times a day it can be used free.


ah ok thanks


I think it is free for up to 200 requests a day, but I may be wrong. I will see if I can dig into the pricing more and let you know.


the download from microsoft chould it be installed on my c:?
or just on my laptop is ok.


I am confused by the question but, the cognitive recognition stuff is installed on the cloud, not on your machine. The plugin communicates to the Microsoft cloud services to get the information and returns it to the plugin. The only thing that you would need is the API key from the cloud services to be entered into the plugin. It has been a while since I looked at this plugin but from my memory, there are a couple of variables and your API key for the configuration.

I know DJ just posted a video on it last night but I haven't watched it yet.


yea i used the video ,and i got the key too.