Make him a bum bag so his lipo can fit in there. Tongue

Making him shorter..?

I would make him taller if you can and give him some hip bones. Winky

The leg bone's connected to the knee bone,
The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone,
The thigh bone's connected to the hip bone,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!


He is having a hard time walking and I made part of his body too long.
A little shorter and he will be walking better, plus the new head will be lighter.
His battery will fit in his body I hope. lol


Do you know why he doesn't walk well?

He needs more servos, shorter means even less servos...more servos are needed.

No hip servos, no ankle servos..hmm.

What sized lipo are you using?

Just mod the chest so a larger lipo can be fitted. I would scare you if i told you what i could fit in mine... Winky