Control Ezb From Mobile


I would like to know if it s possible to use app mobile to control ezb from my iphone without using wifi.?
I would like to use web browser( app mobile) from my iphone to launch camera. I found a tutorial to do that from my ipad or iphone but the phone have to be connected to the ezb by wifi. Is it possible to do that without using the wifi and use directly the box to access to the ezb.
Is it clear?
If it s possible, does it exist a tutorial?


if you connect in client mode, then yes because you would be using the network as a bridge to your robot, and still have access to the rest of your network and internet via your network.


Hi CochranRobotics
First thank you for your reply and your help.
i understand the client mode and the Toolsto find the suitable IP address but when i m on the iPhone app and when i try to scan an IP trere is no IP adress.
Is it possiblle to define an IP fix to avoid it to scan and be faster ?
Does ezb have a specific range of IP address because, the scan doesn't it find the ip on the network. ( when the ezb has connected to the network in client mode, he said " i have succeeded connected to the network"Winky
My ezb is EZB V4

topic read :
for this tutorial ".....102/1" im stopped to the step 'IP finder'. The P finder doesn't find ip of the ezb....

When i read all the topics, i'm wondering if someone have ever could connected in client mode.... but i guess than yes *confused*

I used too a program "Angry IP scanner" and i get the same result.

last think, in the app iPhone, when i scan the ip address. i have the following message :
"listening for EZ-BV4 x/2 devices". To access by this way, you don't need to have this update...?



There is no need to have the x/2 update to use the EZ-B V4 on a network.

As to assigning a specific IP address to the EZ-B, you can do this through your router by assigning it to a static DHCP address. How to do this depends on your router/dhcp server. You would be able to find the device in your DHCP leases and then assign it as a static DHCP lease. Your DHCP section of your router should also show you the IP address.

The EZB scans the 4th octet of the network that your computer has for its IP address. For example, if your computer has an ip address of, the scanner will start at and go to You can change the scan to start at a different IP address and go through an specified stop range.

The benefit to the x/2 upgrade is that the EZ-B will broadcast its ip address and it will show up in the box that you had mentioned. This prevents you from having to scan for the IP address.

If you can let me know what router you use, I can search online for the documention for that router and let you know where to look for the IP address. I think what is happening is that the DHCP scope is outside of the range stated above. For example, your pc is on say and your DHCP scope is at through



Hi David
it will be nice to have your help. I use free box to connect ezb to my PC.
i found the document about the IP address but i need to know the MAC address of the EZB..

Christophe *confused*

#6 might possibly help

This one is more likely what you are looking for. They call Static DHCP "Permanent DHCP Lease".

This looks like a pretty cool service. I might check it out. Let me know if that helps or if you need me to dig in deeper. There isnt a lot of documentation on the box that I can find (in english anyway). It looks pretty popular in France.


David you are very nice with me
i just need how to find the mac adresse of my ezb.


You should be able to see the mac address in the DHCP leases section of the router. it will look something like two digits then : then two digits the : repeating about 10 times or so.

I don't remember if it is possible to see the mac address from the EZ-B's webpage by connecting directly to the EZ-B or not but I don't think it was visible. The best place to look would be in the DHCP leases list on the router.


"DHCP Clients list" may be what they call the DHCP Leases section. I have been looking through their usergroup discussions to try to find screenshots but haven't found any yet.


OK David and thank you very much

i found your discussions

With all the informations, i going to find a way but thank you a lot for your help. If i found a solution i will describe the way to found MAC address.

Until now, I just have the SSID of the EZ-B V4