Looking For Ifttt Plugin Testers


I just completed my first plugin and I'm looking for testers


This plugin allows EZB scripts to send messages TO IFTTT cloud service.

If you want to send messages FROM IFTTT to EZB, check out the tutorial




That is great! I always wanted a way to store my Fitbit data to a variable in EZ-Builder so my robot will know if I had enough sleep...worked out etc!
This is supercool!

Btw, I kind of struggled to get the plugin template to work using Visual Studio 2015, I complained about the .net version plus I could not compile, even if I pointed it to the EZ-Builder .exe, It would be kind of cool to have a working template to get started...do you think this would be possible? Smile


I'll try to find some time this week to test it out. This is something I have been eyeing for some time.


Since this is my first plugin I'm not quite sure how to release it for testing. The tutorial just said to send the Instal URL. Does that also give you the Details?

I developed the plugin in Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and used
.Net 4.61

I decided the change the category to Misc and publish it to see it that gives you access to a more complete version



@faengelm dont get me wrong....your plugin works, I already installed it and I just need some time for testing!

I just had problems when I tried to make a plugin myself, but it was also my first shot at it, so I could also try again and check if your advice works! Smile



Thanks for the feedback

I'd be happy to help if you have trouble creating your own plugin. The plugin tutorial was really helpful as well as the sample projects



Works like a charm...I set it up to create a quick event in my google calendar!
Great work, this is such a cool addon to have! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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Hahaha...as you can see its my day off today! Robot day! Grin