Kudos On Shipping Speed


I placed my order on a Wednesday and received the items by the following Monday.

Very nice.


Great! Thanks for positive feedback @faengelm We appreciate it!


@Frank I know for a fact Jeremie flew all the way to China, soldered and assembled your order. Then packed it carefully. He then got on a plane and flew to your home town just to deliver it personally... EZ Robot has good "go that extra mile" people... Smile




LOL... Just a little humour for today Grin You robot builder guys are a little stuffy... sheesh... Winky


Actually, that was a smile emoticon that got translated wrong...


LOL on both accounts!


@Frank... Smile


Shipping has been amazing...very fast.

Grin *cool*


My 3rd order has been shipped ive noticed. Grin Grin Grin

Now its Tuesday night here, if that order lands by Friday i will be doing back flips. Tongue

@NewAgeTomy-Email From Ez-Robot:
This is a friendly reminder that we have not forgotten about your order #29144 from 5/12/2017 8:22:11 PM. Your robot parts are being assembled, packaged and soon to be shipped - all by human hands!
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