Mobile Interface Combobox


Is there a way to use the selected value of a combobox in a script instead of the index?

I added a combobox to the mobile controller with a list of items. When I select the item I want to have the EZB repeat it. This is the groundwork for the robot to address people directly after their introduced.

Example: Combobox has 3 items.
0-What's your name?

Here is my current script tied to the combobox.

if ($SelectedIndex = "0"Winky
SayEZB("What is your name"Winky
elseif ($SelectedIndex = "1"Winky
SayEZB("Hello Hayley"Winky
elseif ($SelectedIndex = "2"Winky
SayEZB("Hello Mason"Winky

Is there a variable for the value of the selected item that I can reference instead of hard coding the names in the script? For example:


Thanks in advance for any guidance.