Paranormal Robot Running E.v.p. Recording Script


This was the test done in the kitchen but I have video from a few days ago with a bunch of EVP sessions done at the Grave/memorial stone where the owner of the cottage burned himself to death in his mini-van, still going through the audio recordings and video, was a successful investigation, in the night we had bad thunderstorms and only got the day time footage. EZ Robot system performing Excellent outdoors ,I just need to make the script available for my cell phone in the EZ mobile phone app. Having trouble with ultrasonic conversion, I need to add the ping command to the current laptop script for it to work on mobile phone. I will add the current script for public anyone to use if they have a tank/H-bridge and ultrasonic sonar robot. Please add your own improvements modifications, I am learning something new everyday with the scripting but still new to it!


Fascinating. Like many people, this stuff intrigues me.

I mean no disrespect with the following question and I truly know much less about this subject then you. However, presuming there are intelligent paranormal entities that are detectable and able to be communicated with, I would think one would try to make the tool they are using to do this as normal, quite and smooth as possible. Following this (maybe flawed) logic, I see two issues; One: the tread motors are very loud and annoying. Two: the weird (but cool) voice the robot speaks in when it detects something. Do you think these two things would put off or even scare away the entity? Perhaps I'm looking at it wrong. Maybe these things would attract a curious entity like a hungry fish to a lure?

I'm interested in your thoughts as you seem knowledgeable about the "other side". *eek* Winky


Yes correct,the motors are a bit noisy and that is why I had to learn how to add the stop/wait/pause commands in the scripting so it can ask the paranormal questions. And wait 10 seconds for any reply on the Voice recording uploaded to my Laptop,then I needed to learn the goto and return commands so I could jump to different parts of the scripting. This way the robot could continue roaming with video camera as long as I let it go doing it's own movement routines. I am mainly doing this as a fun summer project as I get invited to many group investigations of famous haunted places, We just did the Old Cornwall jail near Ottawa last weekend and I did hear a screaming woman on my headphones from the women's jail cell.That was a mind trip! I do think that paranormal beings,whatever they are,can be very curious of our electronic devices. This is why I added interesting sound effects to the robot and same time asking them serious questions.We will see,hopefully catch some voices, They have called out my name at several locations but only heard later reviewing the sound recordings. Grin


Omg they have called out your name? That would have been crazy to hear that afterwards.

I don't think spirits would be bothered by sound, it could maybe be the opposite we will never know.

But the robot is quite loud, is there a way for the robot to say center itself roughly in any given room, and then scan the entire room but having the head/upper torso being able to spin 360? Maybe the gears need a good greasing. Tongue

Would be interesting to see what other cameras could be used to maybe possibly highlight spirits by showing then in another spectrum of light?
Not even sure if that would be possible, would be awesome if cameras like that were available.


As far as using the original Rad robot base motors, It was just for economical reasons rather than buying newer more quiet motors but now that I have demonstrated that this robot can work as an investigation camera/audio microphone autonomous roving and EVP "ghost chasing" robot. I will end up buying one of the newer Tank chassis robots from China made from stronger light weight Aluminum and stronger more quiet motors. to design a more serious bot for outdoor and indoor investigating. I will always keep this Rad-bot for testing new scripting at home though, I think I have grown attached to the little guy,LOL! Tongue Also NewageTomy, what a great suggestion you came up with to have the robot enter a room and just spin his head 360 degree movements to scan with several types of camera and microphone(parabolic) keeping it way more quiet and still capturing evidence! Love it and in fact going to order a servo for the neck tomorrow! /thanks! I am looking at buying the thermal cam adapter for my Android phone to see cold spots & warm spots in a given room or outside and yes the full spectrum cam is on my to do list.


Hehe your very welcome, im happy i gave you a great idea. : )

Full Spectrum! Grin


Right on Bro always looking for suggestions to make improvements! Smile


I want to see a GhostBuster's style, light emitting...full spectrum light cannon. Grin


For now, a Fancy Laser Grid to light up an entire hallway or room could be done to detect any objects or shadow people trying to cross the beams....Also some new servo arms holding a blue light saber could be wild! Just bought 2 new batteries, testing out now and significant boost in motor speed and hopefully longer running time! A 5000 mah 7.4 Lipo battery for EZB and a 3000 mah Nimh for h-bridge and motors. Also got a great deal for a universal computer Lipo battery balancer/charger that will do all types of batteries.


Maybe some laser diodes? Tongue

Bounce them off some mirrors?