Freezing Ezb And Ez Builder > I Have No Idea What Can I Do


Sometimes my EZB works correctly.
But sometimes the EZ-Builder freeze.

First you see in my video i start EZ Builder.
Then i start a script for smartarrange all Windows and tabs.
Then i start my robot.
When i use some RGB scripts and moving servos,
he lost the connection and the EZ-Builder freeze.

I can reproduce the error.
Start the robot, change a lot of RG an Servos to same time.

You see in the video at the first, the bugreport is functionally.

After freeze, the EZ-Builder cant closed and used.
He is complete out.

Is this a problem from my EZB, my computer or the EZ Builder?
I have no idea, what i can do.

Pls activate subtitles. i have wrote english in the german subtitles.
I hope for help.
Thanks to all.

A videa say more as 1000 words.


You could add the Benchmark tool from the General section of the controls and try to send say 1000 commands from each of the 5 tasks. Watch the processor utilization. With that machine it should be pretty low. It will tell you how many requests per second the EZ-B is able to run at for each of these 5 tests. See if it locks up.

Another question is this... How are you connecting to the EZ-B from the computer? Are you connecting via your network or are you connecting directly to the wifi on the EZ-B. In any event, I would try to switch it and conduct your tests again. It might be an issue with the network card in the computer getting flooded or something like that. When the lockup occurs, does the wifi also disconnect and then reconnect?

One more questions is, are you using the EZ-B V4 or the EZ-B V4 1/2? You can tell by looking at the EZ-B. If you see the bottom of a silver chip just above the camera port then it is the 4 1/2. if you see nothing except the board, it is a 4.

Another thing actually... Make sure that the Camera and the I2C connector are plugged in well and are not getting pulled loose when doing your movements. I don't think this is the issue but it is worth a check.

These are just my thoughts based on what the video shows. I don't know for sure.


Thanks for the fast answer.
I try my best.

I have add benchmark and try the test with 1000 commands.
Read ADC took 00:00:16.6238631 to execute 1000 commands.
60.15 commands per second.

Set Servo took 00:00:00.0836563 to execute 1000 commands.
11.953.67 commands per second.

Set Servo took 00:00:00.0925681 to execute 2000 commands.
21.605.72 commands per second.

Set Digital took 00:00:00.3230272 to execute 1000 commands.
3.095.71 commands per second.

Read Digital took 00:00:15.9356775 to execute 1000 commands.
62.75 commands per second.

In the test 2, 3 and 4 i lost the connection after 5-10 seconds.
Test 1 and 5 was running complete.

First i was connected the EZB with my home network.
After the problems i have try direct the network from the ezb.
Actually Iam connected with the EZB directly in wpa2 and i have try 2 WLAN USB and
the WLAN from my Dell computer.

I use Win10 64bit.

I have the EZB 4/2

The Cables from the camera and the head are correct use.
I can reproduce this error with other servo too.


Those from the diagnostic tool are good.

Try to do the same thing with the camera turned off and see. What resolution do you have the camera set to in EZ-Builder?

I just saw the "In the test 2, 3 and 4 i lost the connection after 5-10 seconds." sentence. I missed it because I was looking at the numbers I guess.

Is the camera turned on when you run these tests?


Another thought is that maybe because the cables are bundled together, one cable may be causing interfering with the camera or I2C cable. You might try to unbundle them and see if it still happens.


When the software becomes unresponsive, is there a red led permanently lit on the ezb controller?


When i lost the connection in the benchmark tests,
my computer hold the Robots network and a green light is blinking on the EZB very fast.


I'm confused - does EZ-Builder freeze when benchmark test is run or when the project is run?

This post is regarding the project freezing EZ-Builder. My question about the red led staying permenantly lit is related to that question. Please answer the questions related to the post only, and we'll figure this out Smile

Also, can you post your project so I can take a look?

I'm leaning toward 1 of 3 things...
1) the ezb v4/1 is not being able to process the commands quick enough. Solution: upgrade to /2 as suggested in your other duplicate post

2) the battery/power is browning out. However, I doubt that because you're not using very many servos

3) the rgb eyes in the humanoid head connection is lose and causing the i2c to lock up (which is in relation to the red led question)

So let's start with the red led question. If you can answer that, then we can move on to the others.


One more thing to look, that head moves around very fast and at all angles. Look for broken or loose wires around the head area going to be eyes.


First thanks to all for your great help.
Apologies for misunderstandings

Benchmark was unknown to me before this post.
I used it the first time.
In the test I lost only the connection.
EZ-Builder works here correctly and dont freeze.

Now to your question DJ Sures.

My once and actually project is EZRI.

When the EZ-Builder freeze, the robot freeze too.
The same blue light is shining for normaly connection.
The Robots network is connect with my computer,
but i cant connect to the EZB again.
I must turn off the robot.
EZ-Builder can only abort with taskmanager.

I have the EZB 4/2 from my JD bought in November.
Its exactly this version.
I have open this and see the silver chip.

Do you mean this upgrade for my EZB?

My battery is a 5400ah Lipoakku with 25c.
I think this is not the problem. Winky

I have open the head and checking the connections.
This is safe.

Is the using from the head to fast for the connection?
When i limit the speed for the ports (D6,D7) from the head in the "init",
the speed with this control from the handy is same as without limit.
So i must found a another way to control this.