Yes he has the 4 in 1 sensor.
I am thinking about threaded rod like a 3d printer uses.
Make his joints powerful.
His last fall broke some of his servos and his neck as well as chipping some of his paint off.
I need him to have balance and always work at staying balanced.


My first C3PO robot!


Wow! For a first robot its an awesome one!

Looks freaking awesome well done.

I've seen a video of Dr.Guero pushing against his robot, and it always keeps itself balanced.

Yours of course is much larger, i would follow the same mechanics and simply upscale everything so it will be able to walk.

But yeah its just a matter of the servos.

I would build something half the size, get that sorted first, then it wont seem so daunting to get him walking.


My old C3PO had 1/4 scale servos in his shoulders.
The rest of his servos were regular model plane servos.
My new C3PO will have all metal gear servos.


Looking Fantastic! Will be great to see that 3p0 walking! *eek*


User-inserted image
So it begins!
I have C3PO taken apart and I will have servos in him soon!


@mcdaver, where is he(c3p0)? Smile. Good luck on your build.


User-inserted image

User-inserted image
I had to replace C3PO's neck with part of a large medicine bottle.
Then I added a small metal rod for the head to pivot on.

User-inserted image


User-inserted image

I added servos to his neck and shoulders.
I am not sure how many I will use in his arms.
Not much room in them.
His head can look up and down and left and right.


Great project, good to see it's on the way. Smile