Ips (indoor Positioning System)


The robot is marked... the camera is looking for the robot's mark in order to track it


Close, but no.

The colored tape on the robot is not the marker. The IPS sensor has two cameras. The robot has an IR transmitter with a special frequency. The IPS sensor matches the IR beacon. Then, there's a year of math that calculates and determines the direction the robot is facing. And then a bunch more that figures out how to get the robot to move to way points. and some more.. and some more..


@DJ I just re watched the video and just realized that a minute ago... I now see the ir beacon....


Yeah, the colored tape is just holding the beacon on because we don't have an ez-clip for it yet


ah, makes sense..
since my hexapod is just plain white plastic as shipped from the company, what are the marking requirerments?
can the mark ve customized?
since I have camera already, will this app program ve downloadable into the hexapod v4 series 1 controller?
this would make a very interesting experimental movile platform.
your answers also suggest that distances are not determined , but rather by the software noting the time taken to travel vetween two objects, and estimated the remaining time to another object


Marking requirements are as such..

1) Place EZ-Bit IR Beacon on robot

2) Aim IPS at room on a tripod or mount in the corner by ceiling

3) Load EZ-Builder and IPS control

4) Everything else is magic...


Here's more videos of the IPS in action. I don't have ControlCommand() setup yet, but that's easy to add once I'm happy with smoothing out more of the algorithms.


Very nice!



Dj, Thanks for the two demos. It is GREAT to see it in action. I was able to see the beacon better in these videos.

I can see you still enjoy playing with it... It's development had to be frustrating at times, but it is paying off..

I look forward to the map function with a ControlCommand(). It will be neat to tell it where to go and it goes there.



Will this work with JD?