Ips (indoor Positioning System)


If I didn't have a large house this would be awesome! If I wanted full home tracking I would have to blow $1500 on IPS boards!

I was wondering if the cameras can be used for standard tracking as well? Not just IPS purposes. Then you could track people throughout the room!

As well, what is the range for this? I would assume 20ft or so for accuracy but what's the exact number?


It never stops surprising me how fast the pace of EZ-Robots development is!
This platform is a treasure for all robot builders!

Awesome! Grin


Could you consider another sneak peek in the future, ( if you get the time) of a short navigation script driving thru your office or front entry room? It would be great to see the Ips in action. Going around obstacles would be great.


This is fantastic, something like this would be great for an outdoor robot project to navigate around the house! Grin


It's an "indoor positioning system". It doesn't work outside.


Dj, Just one question, is that a beacon on the top of the bot? or does it see the green color?


Oh i see, well for indoor its fantastic DJ Sures, and thanks for your reply, you and your Omnibot are the reason i'm here. : )


thanks D.J.
how does this sensor IPS communicate between the sensor and the robot?
I have not been active in the last year , but I own a first release hexapod robot and I would like to add this IPS system to it. Do I need any other hardware updates?
When can we pre order this IPS system?Do you have a link to preorder?
Thanks Neil




how does this sensor IPS communicate between the sensor and the robot?

IPS uses a camera(s) then communicates using Wifi via ez builder... IPS is slated for release later this year...


I can understand how the camera can detect objects like furniture, but how does it know the robots position?
how could it know the difference between a moving pet or person?
how does it detect the robot when it is not mobbing, or can not mobe for some reason?