My Ezri From Bavaria


This is a great project! Thank you for sharing Grin


Very nice design. Thanks for the step by step description. Have you looked into anyway to make the drive train quieter?


Thanks for the nice words to all.
Without your help, I could not have done it.


Have you looked into anyway to make the drive train quieter? 

I hope i have translate this right.
Google makes really stupid things.

Rolly is really loud. Yes.
But he works perfekt.
Never touch a running system.
My EZRI drive in the garden perfekt.

The breakthrough came with Blockly.
This is simply awesome.


All peoples make selfies.
Now i think, why does my Ezri not make selfies?
I have build a stand for my old Rollei Actioncam.
Now i have added a selfie funktion.

Thanks for watching.


Now, EZRI has visit a new brother.
I have become from a old man a Omnibot.
He is broken and not usable.

But EZ-Robot is great for this.
I have see her a lot of examples.

User-inserted image
Now i have 2 Robots.

Ezri must be alive.
She is the perfect robot for work, voyage and have fun.


I really liked the selfie video

Great work'



Which headset is good for speech recognition?
Do you use push to talk?
If I have too many words, I do not get very good answers.

What are your best experiences for a conversation?
Which project has the greatest success with you?
Currently, a lot of speech is about macros.
But that works very well.


haha great a robot taking a selfie.


Hmm, i see. I must test some headsets alone.

Has anyone changed the speaker?
I want to build a soundsystem to Rolli.
This soundsystem need 5-6 Volt.
Can i grab this directly from the EZB?