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Finding Windows Software Old Version To Support Ezb-3

Assistance Requested

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My first robot Rad is completed and I have another Rad 1.0 Bot that was broken with a bad power wire, I have repaired it but since it came with no remote and it runs on a different R.c. frequency than my first rad-bot ,I want to use the second EZB-3 that I have instead of removing the other EZB-4,this way I will have 2 working bots. After reading the thread about trading in the EZB-3 for a buy back program I found this one comment about the windows software that still supports EZB-3...."The last version that will support the v3 will be preserved on the site." Is this true as I have looked around and can only find the new version v4 software Link? *confused*
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I have found a few conversations, tutorials and activities that may help with your question. Take a look at these links. I've sorted them by what I believe to be most relevant but that is not always the case as I'm still learning.

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The current version still supports the V3.



Oh really? that is great! I only then need to add the blue tooth device on my Laptop or get a better laptop with Bluetooth already built in,I just assumed this last update no longer supported the old EZB-3,If I need to add Bluetooth support to my Laptop,is there a certain type I should buy?


At least I now know it can be done,thanks Techguru! Grin


Thanks DJ exactly what I wanted to find next! Smile


Is it still supported? I do not see on the software where to add the COMM port.


Yes the EZ-Bv3 is still available to use in the EZ-Builder Software. Just click on the box that has the IP address displayed in the Connection Control to find the com ports that you have installed.

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Thanks! This is useful, I've not used my ezb v3 since 2010 will the older firmware still work? or will it need upgraded? - How?

Thanks, Doc


@SubBass100: this link from my previous comment in this thread:

More specifically, use the firmware upgrade program that is installed with EZ-Builder