Inverse Kinematic


This is a 2 part question on Revolution Six.

1. Has anyone added servos to Six to give it 18 dof?
2. Has anyone added code for inverse kinematics to improve the gait?


I don't think anyone's posted any project with more servos on six. I would imagine it would make it a high centre of gravity.


This is what you want:

This question doesn't apply to C++, even though it appears to be tagged for that.


Thanks for the link. The question was tagged as c++ because I thought I might need to write some code. I'm still thinking arduino where I supplied the x y z coordinates and calculated the servo angle. It looks like EZ builder is much easier if I can get my brain around it and transition from arduino.


Oh! I fully understand. Fully!

EZ-Builder is a whole new way of thinking for those who come from the Arduino world. EZ-Builder provides controls, and each control is a behavior, similar to how the ROS (Robot Operating System) works, but with pretty graphics instead of complicated programming, compilers, cryptic errors and linux *shiver*. If you WANT to program c++ or C#, you can make your own controls in EZ-Builder, which are called plugins. And you can also write ez-script or Blockly to build off the extensibility of the EZ-Builder controls.

Find more information in the Activities guide, which introduces EZ-Builder, controls, scripting, Movement Panel, and of course ControlCommand.


Since I had 12 servos with SIX I decided to try a quad with 12DOF, 3 on each leg. I put together the gait with EZ-Builder and it all worked will. The 3 servos on the leg seem to have too mucxh preasure as they were humming. So I will go back to the original SIX configuration.

If anyone wants to experiment I uploaded it to EZ-Cloud as Quadruped 12DOF. I've only had Six for 2 weeks and this was my first attempt at building with the auto position control so don't judge. Smile

It was a great learning experience.


This upcoming week ez-robot is offering a limited time upgrade to the latest HDD servos for existing Revolution robot owners. If you want to run additional servos, i would highly recommend upgrading to the HDD, as they don't make any noise (no humming) and can't burn out due to internal protection circuits.


These new servos will be awesome... I am planning on buying a couple of developer's kits and some extra servos with my next ez robot order.... Smile


DJ, is there a link to that upgrade offer? I don't see it in the store, and if you posted in the forum already, I missed it (or is this something upcoming that isn't posted yet?)



When will the robots ship with the new servos, specifically JD?