Hello Patrick ... Thanks.. We have missed you. I'm sure you remember when he was Lilian. He likes being Antonn better.

@Mickey666Maus Thanks for the compliment. The eyebrows help h!is character. Lol.


thank you.yes i remember lilian.


Very awesome job with the whole look and the smooth movements!

Are you using the native sound server for the mouth or a ScaryTerry board? What is the relay board for, BTW?


Thanks for the compliments.

I still think I can smooth out the neck and eye movements a little more. I need to mess with the servo speeds some more. Most of the movement is from the Personality Panel, and some is from the camera tracking.

I ended up going back to the Scary Terry board instead of the Talk Servo. I like the action. It is real easy to set up and it seems to work well with the micro servos I use. The IoTiny allowed me to connect right to the board and out to a set of computer speakers.

The relay board operates an old style wireless outlet controller. It turns lights and a coffee pot on and off. Because of my limited electronic knowledge I used relays instead of a transistor to replace the buttons on the remote. It works well. Antonn will also operate Echo compatible devices in the future.


I'm a fan of Antonn! Can't wait until you get those new HDD servos in to replace the old ones. The buzz of the old servos is so bothersome now that i'm used to the HDD's!

It's real fun watching the conversation and banter you have with Antonn


Your robot "Antonn" just got AMPED UP.
The change is amazing!
Steve S Winky


Thanks , he is coming along. I'm on the road right now but I hope to get his interacting more independent with the plugins Dj made.


Quick picture of Antonn before he goes to Dinner at Moms this afternoon. His first time out.

The Latte Panda is working well. Except for the screen, the mouse and keyboard are Bluetooth so no wires. The screen is off most of the time. Used in case of errors.

He says "He can't enjoy the meal because I haven't built him arms or hands yet", but it is in the future plan.
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how do you eat lipo's ,lol he looking cool. Grin


Nice digs. He's looking good. He's wearing better shoes then I own. LOL. It would be fun to see his eyebrows move as he talked. Smile