Excellent! Smile


I tried using the talk servo and find I really like the Scary Terry board better. There is no need to set all the delays. Just set a max and min servo position and the signal level and you are done.

I don't know why the buck converters I have won't work with it? I want to try the LM7808 next. Last resort is to run an extra supply and wire to the board. It works well with the wall supply now.


He will visit soon. He still needs fine tuning and soon the addition of the Microsoft Conative plugins. His video is coming.

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Antonn says Hello


Love the mustache. Don't think I've ever seen a robot with one.


He tries to blend in. We thank you for the compliment.


The mustache was definitely a genius idea, gives Antonn a lot of character. The hat and eye brows are pretty sweet too Winky


Also LOL. Remember he started off as Lilian.. He was having an identity issue.


this is great stuff.


I cannot agree more, those eybrowes and the mustache are really doing the trick!

Place some servos to move them and add a little more empathy to Antonn! Smile