@Andy Roid


I have heard the EZ Robot talk servo needs a lot of tuning to operate correctly.

I think you heard wrong. I have had awesome results using talk servo and so has Bob Houston I believe.... You should try it. Maybe save money from not having to buy extra hardware...


The talk servo has come a long way. It was not great about a year or so ago. It has been improved upon greatly. I have heard no complaints about it over the past year or so.


I am not too picky about perfect timing, but I also had the feeling that the talk servo works quiet well...using it would also eliminate the need to find a propper voltage regulator since it runs straight out of the EZ-B, maybe you should give it a try?

I was also wondering why you prefere the Latte Panda over the Rasberry Pi...I had an eye on the Panda too, but was tending towards the Pi since it has a way bigger community, which makes digging for solutions much easier once you run into problems I guess? Smile


The pi won't run windows 10 full version so EZ-Builder won't run. The Latte Panda will run Windows 10 (full version). The Technology Today show will be doing a review of the Latte Panda before long thanks to @Andy Roid.


I guess with so many praises I will try the talk servo. I need to cut out the converter so if the talk servo works as well as everyone is saying I will cut out the Scary Terry board too.

Thanks to all..


Ahhhh....very interesting! Looking forward to more on the Panda!

Sweeeeet! Smile


Is a release of EZ-Builder for Windows IOT planned or is it not scheduled yet?


You can use IoT, but you would use UniversalBot (http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/UniversalBot). Watch tonight's Technology Today show and I ask DJ about his plans going forward with Cloud being such a huge push in technology.


I am out of country right now...painfully slow internet connection!
Will the show be available to watch on your YouTube channel? *eek*


yes, I should have the edited version available tonight or tomorrow. You can watch the live show via youtube, and then watch the unedited version after the show completes and Youtube processes it. I should be able to edit this show quickly and place the shorter edited version out tonight.