Display Popup Not Working


I just try things because I see it. This caught me by surprise .
First video. It should at least work with the auto entered example.

First fail mode

Tried to figure out how it worked in fail 2
Fail mode 2

That is enough for now, Good Night.


You can view help on any control by pressing the ? (question mark) on that control. Display Popup is a plugin, and example on how to use it can be found here, which is same link as pressing ? (question mark): http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/Plugins/view/17

There is also a video on the plugin page as well that explains usage.

Being new to programming, strings in programming require "quotes", then i would suggest starting in the activity section of ez-robot website with RoboScratch. Then, move onto Blockly. Those two Activities will teach the basics of programming, which are awesome resources to start. Have fun! Grin

In your example videos, you did not put "quotes" around the text. There is a video on the plugin page as well as a written example that demonstrates how to use it. There's more information about ControlCommand() as well in the activity section. When you see a blue text in my response, that means you can click on it for more information.

PS, i'm going to recompile the plugin to use the latest .Net framework, as it's currently using an older one. So be sure to update when available - EZ-Builder will tell you.