Microsoft Face Cognative Service


Has anyone tried to used this to identify a person's name yet?

This would finish off the group of plugins quite nicely. A robot who knows your name, and can tell if you are happy about it.

I do not have the skills to investigate this idea, but I think it would be cool.



I was curious about the same thing. Smile


This piece of the returned JSON would be interesting.


"faceAttributes": {
"age": 23.5,
"gender": "female",
"headPose": {
"roll": -16.5,
"yaw": 22.1,
"pitch": 0
"smile": 0.998,
"facialHair": {
"moustache": 0,
"beard": 0,
"sideburns": 0
"glasses": "ReadingGlasses"

From the little bit of research I saw from their website, it looks like the plugin tries to group people into similar facial characteristics, along with finding faces and recognizing people based on tagged images.

Oh the cloud... Having your information in yet another place on the cloud is something that I don't really like, but it would be a nice service to employ into a robot. It would be interesting to see how it compares to the feature already in EZ-Builder. It would allow age and gender estimation and would just be another plugin using the similar services as the other plugins.

I am sure that all of these will have a monthly cost at some point. I haven't looked into if Microsoft has published anything on these costs yet but think this is my next research.


For individuals, as long as you don't go crazy with the services, they market them as free once you have signed up for their services. There is a lot that they offer. This may get me back into some of the things that I had worked on before in my abundance of free time...

It has definitely peaked my interest.