Inmoov Conversion


Playing around a bit with the autoposition and the right arm. Do you guys use one autoposition for every servo of the robot or do you break it out into separate boxes for arms and heads and what have you?

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Here's my very basic first test of the right arm.


I use one auto-position for each EZB, and so far have two.


Not an InMoov, but I use a separate auto-position for each arm of my Roli so that I can move them independently, and then I have another Auto-position with both arms and the camera pan/tilt for coordinated movement of all of them.

I could coordinate the separate ones through careful scripting, but just as easy to set up another Auto-position for the specific servos I want involved in a movement.



A little bit of bling for my guy

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Playing with a few poses


That pose where he points down reminds me of iron man. Has anyone thought of making an iron man head for their inmoov? that would get a lot of attention! probably go viral pretty quick


Hadn't considered that. I guess I would have to call him Plastic Man though and that doesn't make the bad guys quiver.


Very nice InMoov Perry!


Thanks Lorn. EZR has really brought it to life. It was basically a statue for a year.


Making some improvements on the head. My mouth servo never really worked that great. Made a few adjustments. Added a neopixel ring as a robot aint worth salt without flashing lights. I want to try to use the lights in the head to indicate emotional state along with tone of the response in the voice. Hopefully with happy or sad responses from the chat bot.

Light blue head for happy. Trying to make him look angry here.

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