Inmoov Conversion


Here's a couple of pics...

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@mayaway Outstanding man!... He just needs legs and he can do your grocery shopping for you... Smile


A little more progress on my inmoov. Since I already had all the original Nervo boards and wiring in place I decided to print a holder for the Nervo board and ditch the Arduinos.

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Hi folks, really interesting build thread for me. I'm early stages of my build, just completed my 1st arm and am now building the head. I'm going with EZB for my Inmoov as I have no experience of any other kind of system. Toy maker Tony suggested I go down this route as well.
As I'm starting from scratch do I actualy need the nervo boards as well as the EZB. I don't fully understand their function?
Regards Steve (uk)
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You don't need the nervo boards with EZ-B. Some of us have modified them since we had them, and had switched from MyRobotLab & Arduino MEGAs to EZBv4/2
The idea is to provide power buss to your servos separately, so you only have signal wires going to the EZB which can handle 5A continuous, 20A pulse, and is fused at 20A. Does this help? You'll be delighted at the power and ease of using EZ-Builder and the EZBv4!


Hi Steve,
You do not need the Nervo boards to use the EZR. I wanted to use them because I had already spent the money on them and had the rest of the wiring configured. Plus I wanted to preserve the ability to use the Arduinos in case the MRL people get their stuff together.


Well I haven't had much robot time lately but I spent the last couple of hours reading through the tutorials and setting up my inmoov head as a chatbot. Since many suggested I look at autoposition I worked on that for head gestures as well.

In this version I used the Pandorabot control with the Bing plug-in.

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I think I get the autoposition system now. Here's the screen I ended up with

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I'll upload a video as soon as I can.


How does the nerve board interface? Uart? Tell me more


The Nervo board has header pins that insert into the Arduino. I simply ran jumpers to the EZR and printed up an enclosure to protect them and mount everything. I can use the Nervo boards for heavy power distribution. That's all they really do. Kind of a $3 conversion module for us that started with and have a fully functional MRL/Arduino inmoov. I can switch between the two control methods easily.


Oooooh okay. Not a servo controller. Understood! Thanks for the info