Inmoov Conversion


Right foot...
Just needs the servo linkages!

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Rear and front of the foot
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Ankle joints...
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Wow. You're putting in the Servos too. Nice job.
I am out of filament now so it will be a couple of days until I can make more.


Hi Perry
I am thinking of making the foot the base of my Inmoov HeadBot. A table top chatbot, just need to sort out the ankle gearing to move the head, well thats the idea...
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Well more legs are coming.

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Perry, that looks great. What are you planning to do about the stand? I see in Gaels pictures he sort of cut of parts of the chair legs bits I think, leaving only 3x wheels and then extended the pole. My Inmoov is still fitted to an old camera stand though I have got an old chair ready to modify, just not done it yet.


I asked Perry the same question, if he was going to use the 10mm rods to support the legs and add a platform or add a rolling poll?

I think what Gael is using is called a “Rolling Poll”
I assume using the rolling poll you will be able to move the inmoov, and not have to fix the feet to a platform?



Instead of modifying and old office chair can you guys us a rolling IV stand? These are the ones you see in hospitals with people walking the halls and their IV hanging off them. If they are not strong enough how about one of those standing computer stands with casters?

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For my stand I will probably extend the one that I have. I just need to weld about a 1 foot segment of pipe to what I already had there. I like to weld.
The chair base has worked out really well for me so far. I like being able to wheel it around.
I am not sure those IV stands would work. They look pretty weak and I bet they are expensive.