Inmoov Conversion


Yes - Jame's work is the foundation of mine!


@Perry_s, If it was split length-wise it would fit in my printer. Think it would work best if the pieces bolted together.


@mayaway - geez man you go away or a while and come back with what looks to be legs that can function. You need to post a pic every now and then. Neat stuff.

Gael's legs are for static display. Right now they are pretty much shells with few internal features. Making a walking inmoov is a huge task and I am not sure it can be done. I imagine you would have to start making a pure walker then add some sort of torso to it. All the balance issues with the arms moving. I so hope I am proven wrong

So it looks like I can print the biggest of the parts. I felt bad for my poor old rep rap it was printing hard for 24 hours on this one.

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Wow! Wha't your build space?
Yeah, I'm retired Physical Therapist and we spent many hours learning about gait. I had whole books about just that. So yes, our dynamic, continual falling forward and catching ourselves with the opposite leg is tough to replicate. I'm thinking of a slow motion, weight shift to single limb support, advance the free leg, weight shift back, keep everything close to the ground -- a Parkinsons shuffling gait... no acrobatics!


Well to say these parts are big is an understatement. Looks like what Gael published is missing many parts. They seem easy to replicate though. So far I had to make the bushings on the knee actuator.
I'll probably startup a Thingiverse page with all the mods like missing parts and things cut for smaller printers.

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@perry_s wow nice inmoov build. I am still on my first arm (hence the reason I just got into ez-b) I have the same printer but no fancy color display (although mine always fails about 95% through a 24 hour job...)


The printer can be made to perform. The screen is just a raspberry PI and an Adafruit 7" display. Printed up a case for it.


@Nink - oh yeah man. You won't regret getting the EZB


Great work and progress, your Inmoov is looking good!

What size is your printers build plate?



Chris it is listed at 200 x 200 x 180 but can't quite hit that in real life.