Script To Activate Bing Speech Recognition


I've got the Bing Speech Recognition working and WOW it's great! I have been trying to come up with a script that will activate it - so I don't have to click on the Start and Stop Recording tab - no luck. Is something like this possible?
Also, can Bing Speech be coupled with the Talk Servo Control?


Oh I hope someone comes up with this... will make me a happy person!


Will, how do you have the jaw on Alan rigged to move with the speech? It looks great!


I use a separate voice board made by Audio Servo Controller. I just bought a Scary Terry board to test on as well. But my results have been great with ASC. I also have a very fast servo which helps.


Thanks, I am really happy with the way the Talk Servo Control works for my InMoov jaw. It would be great if the Bing Speech plugin could work the way the Speech Recognition Control works.


You can start and stop the plugin with ControlCommand(). The trick will be knowing when speech is done to stop and send the data. Timer would not be good because it would be waiting too long for short utterances, and could cut you off on longer ones. You could have a "secret" button that triggers a digital port to start and stop the script. Probably other similar solutions. Need to think about this one.



I'm not clever enough but wasn't there a Frequency detector plugin that maybe someone can modify to determine an external or internal "sound" to allow the script to start or stop?




That is an interesting idea. Wouldn't work with speaker independence since we speak at different frequencies, and if you act on anything between 300hz to 3.4Khz (enough to catch all human voices, this is what the telephone network narrow band operates on) it would also pick up virtually any other environmental noise, but might be able to narrow it down to a specific users common frequency range.



Interesting ideas! The end recording does seem to be difficult to nail down. You could have key work to activate recording like the Echo devices. Like "hey Alan"...then start recotding... but ending the recording challenging!


PC Mic uses the variable $SoundValue... Maybe it can be used monitor your voice level while you are inputting speech... When the sound drops below a certain pre-determined level (because you stopped speaking) it can be used to stop data being sent to Bing?