Micro Controller False Signals


My Robot is repeating text to speech over and over intermittently. It is also starting moving forward on its own without a command being sent. Sometimes it repeats other servo commands more than once without telling it to. It is like it has a mind of its own.

I may be developing an AI robot without knowing it. I am wondering what if could be electrical interference that is causing it. This is a DIY ez-robot build. What do you think?


Check you coding to see if you are repeating or duplicating instructions elsewhere in your project... More than likely though your robot may be hearing itself speak thus trying to execute the same command (or a different command) over again... What I do is have the Speech rec control pause just before my robot speaks and then when he is finished speaking un-pause the speech control... You can pause and un-pause any control via scripting no need to manually do it by checking and unchecking the pause box...


Thanks Richard. I will add the code you recommended and see what happens.

Also while I am at it, my Speech Synthesis plugin does not work with my movement plugin. Movement Panel and joystick work fine. I know the program is hearing my voice because i see it showing on my microphone plugin. What could I be doing wrong?