Who Can Print Ninjaflex


Does anyone on this forum able to print using Ninjaflex filament.

If so I would like to know if someone could print this left palm depending on the cost of course.

Here is the link, I only need the stl file

Last updated: 02-22-16



Depends on your printer's extruder type... Forget using an MK10, or 11 or even a bowden extruder... If you want to print flexible material you should buy a flexion extruder for your printer....


I can print with the Ninjaflex but I can't print what you need for 2 reasons. The print is too big for my printer bed (Makerbot Rep 2) and It will take a dual head printer, which mine isn't. The way they have the print, you will need to print supports with a solid filament and the hand with the Ninjaflex. Nicely designed hand though but the price of those linear actuators - wow!


@richard r, thanks for the info, although I don't think anyone makes extruded for my solidoodle4 they are out of business.

@Bhouston, thanks one of these years I will buy a bigger and better printer. I don't want to spend the money just to test this hand. I'm going to see if a local 3D print service in my area can print the left hand palm.



Probably your best bet, it's a difficult print.