Ttl Serial Hook Up Question


Quick question. I'm setting up the serial to computer The usb ttl converter has a jumper for 5 and 3.3 v just want to make sure that 3.3v is the choice so no blue smoke or other disasters ! Or does it matter since i, not using vcc?

Edit_ works great, connected to the computer via USB...yay


The VCC doesn't matter since you aren't using that pin (Don't connect the VCC. Really. Don't do it!).





Hey there so both my EZBs are connected via the TTL converter. I know the chimes are gone with this set up, but I still get a flashy blue light when connected to either EZB. Is this the way they are going to be? It would be nice to have a solid blue light to signify that i am connected.


It is the way it is Grin


You da best Smile

Edit: I read it wrong..thought said its on its hoo. I'll live with it!