Eureka! Google speech recognition added Grin Smile oh happy day.


Looking to trying later today. How does it compare to Winblows?


Windows speech rec works perfectly for me why pay for google?


Google is better at speaker independent (ie, untrained) recognition, and handles accents better and more languages. If you are the only one talking to the robot, and take the time to train Microsoft, it is quite good, but if you want a robot that can interact with strangers, then Google (or Nuance cloud product, which costs more but is even better) may be worth spending on.



It certainly doesnt work well for me, unfortunately, and google works near perfect. I am referring to the pandorabot service only though. all due respect to anyone who may cite mic issues as the problem but google works with all of my mics and microsoft terribly with all of them. As i mentioned on another post, microsoft works fine for my predefined voice commands, it just falls apart with natural conversation ie Pandorabots. The mics i have tried are 3 different headset mics of varying quality but all decent, a handheld stage mic which cost far too much money, the internal laptop mic, and a mic that came with an old playstation SingStar game(works as well or better than other mic...with google only. This is just my experience but for me it depends on how u plan to use the service. Like what TheTechGuru said but far more bleak outlook on Windoze service. Grin


Yikes i should add that Dj suggested a lav mic for good results with microsoft. I have very little knowledge of what a lav mic is...yet but i did think that just meant a clip on speaking mic. I will look into that as well cuz free is always nice.


@williamk so you get better results with pandorabots?


Far better. No comparison.


Sorry i should have added that i tested the google service with pandorabots in myrobotlab before the ez plugin was added which is why im very excited to see said plugin arrive . Im just adding this because it seems other users have had different results and i havent had a chance yet to test the google service in ez builder. I will be tonight. I cant imagine how the results would differ in ez builder though. I think im correct on this...that google is an idependent service and therefore results should be identical in ez builder and myrobotlab.


The microphone on my laptop is absolutely terrible - it's probably the worst microphone ever made. Which is sad, because it's a serious power-house of a laptop, but they cheaped out on the mic. Or, perhaps they simply forgot to put a microphone in mine, and instead there's an old carrot in its place.

Anyway, using Google Speech is actually a little better on my laptop than the Windows speech recognition. It's still not perfect, but that's most likely due to my carrot.

I updated the Google Speech plugin to include a variable and script, so you can connect it to the PandoraBot control. Details are included in the plugin here: http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/Plugins/view/176