Mqtt Client Plugin Bug (minor)


The MQTT client plugin has a small bug.

When configuring the plugin for the first time "Var" is prefixed to the variables it creates, including the $MQTTClientStatus variable converting it to $VarMQTTClientStatus.

Upon re-entering the plugin config, adding another subscription name with associated variable and script, saving and then exiting the plugin, "Var" is again prefixed to all subscription variables until you eventually end up with ...

by the time you get to the seventh subscription

This is visible in the variable watcher.
I am using the latest version of EZ-Builder and MQTT Client plugins on a clean install with minimum code in place.


Noted - i'll take a look this weekend for ya

*Request assistance removed as this isn't a request for assistance


Awesome thanks DJ...

Love the plugin.

Wrote my own with a friend but it is nowhere as nice looking as yours.... well done to you and the team.

A very minor issue but while you have the code open you might like to also check why the window does not respond to the right mouse click allowing it to be moved to another desktop....

- @Tameion


Plugins do not support virtual desktops