The Altair Robot Chronicles


Thanks again everyone for all the kind words!

Here is a sensor detail of the EZ:1 robot

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Wow that guy is loaded! Ready for any adventure!


I really like that cliff/fall detector and your thermal that like an actual Flir camera or just a heat sensor? I am thinking about getting the Flir camera adapter for my Android cell phone to use on my robot but it is expensive At any rate,very cool what you have done,following your progress. This bot is so impressive and since I am a huge fan of the old Cylons from the 80's tv show, you may have actually started the real robot revolt that will kill us all,LoL! But I will still be a big fan of them! Grin


The ALTAIR Robot Chronicles [Part 5]
Introducing a CMS (Collaborative Mobile Social) type Robot

Collaborative - where EZ:1 can use my dexterity to achieve things while working with humans and other robots

Mobile - because EZ:1 can move around freely

Social - because EZ:1 can communicate in a human like manner

A video showing the EZ:1 Robots expressive abilities using meaningful range of movements and animation playback.



What great combinations of facial expressions tied to body movements, and his eyes are a window to his feelings.
Steve S


Tony, Brilliant! This guy is packed with the future. He's really to the point now where there is nothing else to say short of amazing. It's hard to comprehend all the advanced tech you have packed into this robot. What's really amazing to me is how nicely it all works in harmony. You really dome a great job tieing it all together with you're masterful use of your self designed subsystems and coding. WOW. Of course I've learned to never expect less from you. Winky


Another fantastic video! I plan to watch Davids video this weekend with your interview. Can't wait!


Thanks, Steve,Dave,Will

Here is jpeg of some of the EZ:1 Robots expressive abilities using meaningful range of movements and animation playback.

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Just watched your video...amazing


My ALTAIR robots have been featured in the Inquisitr here is the article

It looks like there will also be an article in the July edition of Servo Magazine.

Any of you guys on Instagram? I have recently joined it and it would be great to follow any of you.

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