The Altair Robot Chronicles


Tony, where do you buy the HVC-P2 in the UK, the only supplier I can see in the UK is Mouser and needs to be pre-ordered?



Chris, I originally bought from them from the States, but I got the last two from Anglia Components

Not sure if you will have to open an account with them before they will supply?



Thanks, I'll have a look.



Thanks, Tony , I enjoyed that video.


Thanks Mel! its good to see you back on the forum.



The ALTAIR Robot Chronicles [Part 3] - EZ:1 sensor tour

The EZ:1 Robot gives us a tour of his sensors and what they do.

For Robots to make sense of their World and environment they need complex sensors with vision being the most important.



Really cool Tony. Also cool that you had the Altair EZ1 do the job of showing his different sensors.

Great video.


I apologize in advance if you already cover this in a different threaded discussion. How do you power this masterpiece, great work on the sensors integrations.


I don't know what Tony is using but here is an old discussion with what he was looking at at the time.

If I remember right, he went with something else that was smaller, but I don't remember exactly what it was.


Mind blowing as usual. I'm very interested in the magnetic wrapped thing-a-ma-jig that detects objects 360 around the robot. Is this something you built and does it interfer with any electronics?